It took time but it’s finally here so take a look at our brand new image!

matièrenoirestudios isn’t just about services and deliveries, it’s an experience, something you live. Knowing this we decided to make it “alive” and from there “Blobby” was born. We invite you to follow him through out his adventures his quests and there for, his life “Our lives”.

It is time for us to step up the game and we sincerely hope you will follow us in this great adventure, not only with our current friends but also new comers.

For those who don’t know us we are a group of Freelances, setting up teams where the skills are needed, we have no limits because we love what we do.

In Astrophysics, what we call “matièrenoire” is this, currently, still undetectable hypothetical energy that governs large scale phenomena and binds the univers together. This is in fact a reflection of our structure, a concentration of creative energies to achieve projects and bring actual benefits to its customers.