Project Description

Project Brief

3D concept maquette of stand for GO-Makkah & STC Saudia telecom Company partners
for expositions in Tunis, Kuala-Lumpur, Istambul, London, Paris and Casablanca.
Size: 30m²

The Challenge

The aim is to achieve a 3D model of the expo stand of GO-Makkah by inserting a part of “STC Telecom Saudia” branding. The theme is technology and telecommunications.

while remaining simple, modern and bright, we imagined an easy mounting set up and install system, fixed furniture for all storage & stock as well as a public area, a counter and some living room.

The Solution

The goal was achieved!

The model had its effect, the customer appreciate the general idea of the project, the rings from the top well symbolized the union and the separation of the two areas did not shadow the visibility.
Maybe some day you will find this stand in tourism fairs

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design




FinalResult & ClientSatisfaction
Impressive achievement, clear modern as requested, the idea of two top rings signifying the union is well thought of. The markings using an element of the logo is well used visually to give coherence with the brand, a touch of technology is also present. Modern stand, visible and impressive at first glance.