Project Description

Project Brief

Creation and development of the exhibition “Brussels BABEL 30 years young creations” at the Francophone Brussels Parliament. The idea is to design a layout for the exhibition which is a retrospective of 30 years of BABEL Brussels.
The elements to establish represent achievements, portraits of  new and former participants, video shows, movies and cross- workshops, video projection, performances posters, objects and drawings by the youth…

The Challenge

We had to figure out a way to create element of a set, custom supports and arrange the exposition so that the visitors would be able to enjoy the expo in a small space. A plan then a model of the expo was created following the scenography of Pierre Jacob so ease the perspective of the space we needed to fill. Once all was planned we created the proper support and add the audio-guide option created by one of our partners “Electrabill”.

The Result

Many visitors enjoyed the show, with the diversity of each element, the interactivity of video with the audio-guides …

It was a real success, the expo in Brussels BABEL had such a success among the youth that it will recreated  in April 2017.


The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design


Design Mockups

Brand Strategy

FinalResult & ClientSatisfaction
Although there have been changes during the course of the development and installation, the exhibition “Brussels BABEL ” delighted all the visitors, especially young people who have discovered the different activities of the association.